Friday, 21 June 2013

Dinner Gift ♥ Farewell Girls

20 June 2013, Kampachi Kuala Lumpur (Japanese foods)
Yesterday i did wrote some and saved..
But when i look back now, i didn't save it =(

Make it simple =p
Lazy to rewrite Lol~
After work at 6pm, Swee Cheng and I went to pick Poe
then directly to Ru Teeng's house for meet up with Jee Mei as well.

On the way to Kampachi I asked them where are we going for dinner as i didn't know the place they intend to bring me to.
Jee Mei cheated on me saying we going to eat at PJ, lol~
Noob women as usual =p
When we reached at Kampachi Restaurant, they forced me to sit in the middle of the table LOL!
It make me shy~ hehe~

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hi-Tea ♥ Girls

At 8th June 2013,

Lovely bestfriends planned for this Hi-Tea and dinner for me as i'm going to leave soon
and we have no much chance to meet anymore while i'm in Australia.

Firstly, we went to Shangri-la but we seem don't really like the environment there 
and we wandering around and snap some pictures whilst waiting the Two Queen =p
Ru Teeng and Jee Mei.
Then Jee Mei picked us at the main door of the hotel.
We keep think and search and think where should we go for Hi-Tea, at the same time
Jee Mei keep saying that she very hungry haha! Being asked faster as she hungry and
have to go home early around 5.30pm for attending her relative's wedding dinner.
We reached here around 3pm. (Jee Mei came late too =p)
Quiet a short time for us though but still we had fun being together.

Until then, we decided to go to Grand Hyatt's restaurant, Thirty8 for Hi-Tea..
(Where Poe went before at her Birthday 19th May and this is Second time)
We all share the dishes~ It really taste good. Especially the smokey with Chocolate and the banana.

Snap! Snap! Eat! Eat! Talk! Talk!
Jee Mei have to leave....
She put us back to the Shangri-la hotel where Poe parking her car.
Go back to Poe house, and wait her's bf, Ah Mun fetch us to Sogo.

Here we reached at the Sogo for window shopping to wait for the second round, dinner haha~
Look around, take money, find winter jacket in Uniqlo (but not even a piece),
look at those cutie shoes at Vincci~

Finally, is about the time for dinner~
Poh Yee find the location using her phone's gps because it is our 1st time to go to Colliseum ^^

Here the Grand Hyatt's Restaurant, Thirty8.
Here the first dishes we ordered.
Thirty8 Signature Cake.
The Signature Cake is served in a glass dome with 
dry ice swirling inside. It is really a delicious dish.
Topped with butterscotch, raspberries and banana ice-cream.
Here all our dishes ^^

SS time ^^ While waiting our meal serve.
Shangri-la Hotel.. Haha! 
Taking a picture while i'm eating =p
The 2 sets of Hi-Tea.
Jee Mei and Ru Teeng.