Friday, 21 June 2013

Dinner Gift ♥ Farewell Girls

20 June 2013, Kampachi Kuala Lumpur (Japanese foods)
Yesterday i did wrote some and saved..
But when i look back now, i didn't save it =(

Make it simple =p
Lazy to rewrite Lol~
After work at 6pm, Swee Cheng and I went to pick Poe
then directly to Ru Teeng's house for meet up with Jee Mei as well.

On the way to Kampachi I asked them where are we going for dinner as i didn't know the place they intend to bring me to.
Jee Mei cheated on me saying we going to eat at PJ, lol~
Noob women as usual =p
When we reached at Kampachi Restaurant, they forced me to sit in the middle of the table LOL!
It make me shy~ hehe~

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